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Cloud Orchestration

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We make the cloud a better place.

Public and private cloud services have become an integral part of ICT infrastructures. As a result, the ICT manager’s activities have evolved into the role of a broker, managing a multitude of contracts, services and costs.

With cFactory, our cloud orchestration software, different private and public cloud services are combined into a single business platform. This business platform enables automated contract handling, business workflow orchestration, service ordering and provisioning with consumption reporting and cost attribution.

Unique business values of this software solution includes:

  • Self serviced portal enforced by strong role based access & responsibility model.
  • Fully automated service roll-out and orchestration.
  • Single pane of glass view of business assets (contacts, contracts, costs, resources).
  • Fully automated contract lifecycle management.
  • Integration of different private and public cloud services.
  • Support for different billing models (prepaid or consumption based billing).
  • Support for big tiered and distributed organizations with workflow enforcement.
  • Multi-tiered isolation to support service provider delivery models.
  • Integration in existing business systems via RESTfull APIs.
  • Extendable plugin model for adding new services.