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Our cFactory cloud orchestration software is available both to service providers and to end users which have significant orchestration and automation demands in-house, as is often the case in mid-size and larger enterprises. Our cloudPlaza offerings are available exclusively via our partners and resellers. If you are interested in specific services on our infrastructure, we will be happy to direct you to the most appropriate partner or reseller based on your profile. If you’re exploring partnership opportunities and would like to become one of our valuable channel partners or resellers, get in touch and schedule a presentation with one of our partner managers.

You need first to install the citrix receiver on your machine .Please refer to the citrix client  installation topics in this support page to install the citrix receiver on your machine .When the citrix receiver has been  installed, you  can connect to your citrix applications via the citrix Portal of Cloudplaza https://my.cloudplaza.eu.

You can find more détails about the connection in this procedure


Edge, the default Browser in windows 10, is not fully compatible with the current citrix setup in Cloudplaza.

Microsoft Edge, the default browser in Microsoft Windows 10, is not fully compatible with the Citrix deployment process as it is implemented in cloudPlaza at this time. To avoid potential pitfalls associated with this browser, we advise you to instead make use of Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. Internet Explorer 11 is still present In Microsoft Windows 10, despite no longer being the default. Please follow this procedure to set up Citrix with Microsoft Windows 10.


You can configure your Exchange mailbox a your mobile device (IOS & Android)  using by using this procedure .

You can you change your password on the cloudPlaza portal using this procedure .Please be aware that when you change your password on the cloudPlaza portal, it will also override the password of all cloudPlaza services to which you are subscribed (incl. Citrix, Backup on Demand, Exchange, etc.) with your new password.

The backup Clients (Pro & Lite) are available on the backup portal .

Backup on Demand Lite client is intended for use on a personal computer, and is primarily targeted at backing up individual files.

Backup on Demand Pro client has additional backup capabilities for a range of server operating systems and applications and is intended to backup servers.

Please follow this procedure to install it.

Users of Outlook which access their Outlook client through the cloudPlaza Citrix server can adjust their white-list via the Webmail. Please follow this procedure

If Outlook is running on your local computer, you can use the local Junk-email options to configure sender white-list by following this procedure

Please follow this step-by-step procedure to install the Citrix receiver on a Mac OS X . You may be required to install an additional intermediate SSL certificate. This certificate is available in the download page of this site

Automated increase of vDisks attached to cVPS instances on cloudPlaza is not currently possible. Our support department will be happy to assist you and execute such requests manually by following this procedure.Please make sure you have sufficient capacity in your cVPS storage contract to execute such requests.

the new version (52.0.1) of Mozilla  Firefox cannot work anymore with this version of Citrix. Please use this URL to install the Mozilla Firefox ESR version.This version will work with Citrix.